Consumers advised to steer clear of WAVE Contour Plus Vibration Plate

WAVE Contour Plus Review

WAVE Contour Plus

WAVE Contour Plus

The WAVE Contour Plus ($4,800) has many disappointing aspects to it.

The WAVE Contour Plus, which was given a score of 89 out of 100, has surprisingly few workout options to choose from. There is only a high-low setting.

It’s also difficult to get in touch with the manufacturer if there are mechanical problems. Wave products are sold through online retailers — not the manufacturer — and a Wave website or technical support could not be located. A reputable fitness company should have a customer support phone number readily available on a website in the event of questions or problems.

We liked the overall feel of exercising on the WAVE Contour Plus, but our recommendation is to try other machines that have a lot more going for them at or near this price point.

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