DKN XG-3 Pro Vibration Plate comes up a little short

DKN XG-3 Pro Vibration Plate Review and Information

The power and stability of the DKN XG-3 Pro Vibration Plate ($2,495 MSRP) are impressive for its price point.

DKN XG-3 Pro Vibration Plate

DKN XG-3 Pro Vibration Plate

When it comes to the actual workout platform, though, this machine is not one of our favorite choices. The 27.5-inch x 13, rectangular-shaped platform limits the ability to do many basic exercises, such as calf raises and abdominal workouts.

This dropped the DKN® XG-3 Pro™ rating to 3 stars and a 79 out of 100 score.We prefer a wider plate to allow for more workout room.
The DKN® XG3™ measures 25 inches (width) x 29 (depth) x 59 (height) and weighs 160 pounds. It has a 20-50 hertz capability and a DC 1.85 K/N motor that compares favorably to many similar-priced models and comes with four built-in programs.

The DKN XG3 vibration machine is rated for a person weighing up to 330 pounds to use and a center-pole constructed of steel feels sturdy.
It will provide good support, but make sure not to pull too hard or it could tip as this class of vibration machines doesn’t weight nearly as much as higher-priced models.

The workout controls are solid, with a main control panel at the top and a secondary one at the bottom. This allows a person to control the machine while in an up or down workout position. The main control features a digital LCD screen and XG3 has four preset workout routines, as well as a manual setting.

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