FitVibe Excel Pro Vibration Plate prices itself out of higher ranking

FitVibe Excel Pro Vibration Plate Review

If you’re going to spend the money to buy a high-end vibration machine, recommends shopping for something other than the FitVibe Excel Pro Vibration Plate.

FitVibe Excel Pro Vibration Plate

FitVibe Excel Pro Vibration Plate

We are impressed with the Excel Pro Vibration Plate overall, but don’t see it being worth the big $12,000-plus MSRP. That led to a rating of just 86 out of 100.

We rank several machines much higher from the likes of Power Plate, 3G Cardio and Wave, some of which are priced for $1,000s less.

The FitVibe Excel Pro Vibration Plate has a big workout platform (41 x 25) and is plenty sturdy at 265 pounds. It’s rated for users who weigh up to 550 pounds.

The 20-60 Hertz capabilities are outstanding and the machine has a powerful, smooth feel when exercising on it.

The handles are not engineered to be user friendly, though. We’d like to see a more ergonomic design.

Since FitVibe is operated primarily outside of the U.S. we have learned of some problems with service and communication for customers based in the U.S.

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