NITROFIT Personal+ delivers more of a good thing

NITROFIT Personal+ Review from

The popular NITROFIT Personal+ is a strong upgrade from the company’s NITROFIT Personal model.

NitroFit Personal+

NitroFit Personal+

The extra $200 is well worth it because the Personal+ (MSRP $1,999) has a larger motor, more vibration power and upgrades for workout program choices and other options.

The Personal+ has more power that most vibration machines in its size and price range, helping it score an 87 out of 100 rating from

This machine has 30 levels of intensity to provide lots of challenges and variety for a workout.

We usually recommend vertical motion vibration machines because of their better functional capability over pivotal motion machines like the Personal+.

However, the Personal+ ranks as one of the better pivotal machines we’ve tried, especially in the smaller entry level class.

If you weight more than 180 pounds, it would be recommended to try the Personal+ out in person to make sure it will offer the platform size and stability you need.

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