Power Plate My3 Vibration Machine doesn’t match up

Power Plate My3 Vibration Machine Review

The Power Plate My3 (MSRP $2,599) doesn’t match up favorably when compared to the company’s other vibration machines. In fact, there are several other better options from competitors as well around the $3,000 and under price point.

Power Plate My3 Vibration Machine

Power Plate My3 Vibration Machine

The most basic machine in the Power Plate lineup has received a rating of only 74 out of 100 from vibrationplatereview.com.

The Power Plate My3 Vibration Machine has a machine weight of just 126 pounds, which doesn’t provide much stability for people weighing more than 165 pounds.

It has a small footprint of only 25 inches x 29 x 60. For a vibration machine better equipped for strength training near this price point, we suggest a machine with a larger workout platform and heavier overall weight like the 3G Cardio 5.0 or the Power Plate My5.

The Power Plate My3 can be beneficial, though, in some areas. If you simply want a machine to stand on to improve bone density, circulation or for stretching it can do the trick.

However, in general we recommend going with a different model at this price point or paying more yo upgrade.

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