Power Plate® My7™ scores 96 out of 100 rating

The Power Plate® My7™ has everything one needs to reap the benefits of vibration training.
my7Power Plate is a well-known player in the fast-growing vibration training market and the My7 is its elite model. VibrationPlateReview.com gives the My7 a 96 out of 100 ranking.
At an MSRP of $7,999 one of the only drawbacks of the My7 is that it’s pricey, but with the power of 30-40 hertz, a 32 x 22 platform and 300-pound unit weight this is a commercial quality machine.
Users will notice sturdiness as well as a smooth vibration feel when exercising.
The adjustable proMotion™ hand straps work well with an adjustable amount of tension from the vibration machine. It also includes a touchscreen to enhance the workout.
One concern with the Power Plate® My7™is the hefty price tag. The aforementioned touchscreen boosts the price up several thousand more dollars than other similar machines, such as the 3G Cardio 6.0 Vibration Machine that offers a free iPad app to enhance its vibration training workouts.
The Power Plate® My7 also has had some electronics issues and parts availability and repairs have sometimes taken longer than dealers we’ve talked to would like.

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