Power Plate Pro 5 Vibration Plate makes good business sense

Power Plate Pro 5 Vibration Plate

Any professional gym or workout studio would really benefit from the Power Plate Pro 5  Vibration Plate (MSRP) $9,500.

Power Plate Pro 5 Vibration Plate

Power Plate Pro 5 Vibration Plate

The Power Plate Pro 5 received a 92 out of 100 score and a five-star ranking from vibrationplatereview.com.

We couldn’t be more impressed with the machine’s size (330 pounds, machine footprint of 34 x 42 x 61 inches) and generous workout platform (34 x 28).

The available 25-50 hertz vibrations are strong and smooth at the same time while exercising.

It makes even better business sense thanks to an outstanding commercial warranty.

However, there are not a lot of programs or electronic features, so this is much-better suited for a commercial setting, such as a class in which someone is leading group exercises.

In a home gym setting, people new to vibration training who don’t have an experienced trainer around could have trouble figuring out how to get through a beneficial workout program. There are several other comparable models that are much better for setting up workout programs.

And, at a price tag of nearly $10,000, there are some other highly ranked models on our comparison chart that make a lot more sense for home use.

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