The Power Plate Pro 6+ an All-Star among vibration machines

Power Plate Pro 6+ Review and Information

The Power Plate Pro 6+ Vibration Machine is the complete package.

Power Plate Pro 6+

Power Plate Pro 6+

It’s big and powerful, but also has an extremely smooth feel when using.

Perfect for a commercial or elite home gym, the Power Plate® Pro 6+™ Vibration Machine has earned six out of six stars and a 95 score from

The 34 x 28 inch workout platform is one of the biggest on the market and its 25-40 hertz frequency is also among the best. It’s a popular model with professional sports athletes.

Pro 6+ Power Plate® proMotion™ cables are connected onto the sides and are top-of-the-line for performing many upper body exercises. A color touchscreen guides you through many pre-programmed and custom workouts.

This machine weighs 347 pounds to lead the industry and can support a user weighing up to 500 pounds.

However, the Power Plate® Pro 6+™ Vibration Machine also has an over-sized price tag, topping the market at $12,000. That may be a concern for some customers, who might choose to go with a lesser-priced Power Plate model or several other leading brands that also check in less expensive.

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