Power Plate Pro 7 offers luxury at a steep cost

Power Plate Pro 7

Power Plate Pro 7

Power Plate Pro 7

The Power Plate Pro 7 Vibration Machine (MSRP $13,000) is the creme de le creme of vibration machines. It’s the biggest, most luxurious and highest priced machine you’ll find for a home or commercial gym setting.

Call the Power Plate Pro 7, which has received a VibrationPlateReview.com score of 91 out of 100, the Cadillac of vibration machines.

We love the overall weight (410 pounds) and size (38 inches x 46 x 61, width x depth x height). The platform size of 38 x 37 will give you plenty of room to exercise, while the 25-50 Hertz frequency range provides more than enough power.

This machine will provide users of nearly all sizes an incredibly consistent level of vertical vibration, easily adjusted to fit your needs.

Power Plate spares no expense with the large color touchscreen that features the company’s Functional Interactive Training (FIT) software. The Pro7 also comes with the proprietary set of hand cables referred to as proMotion.

Power Plate’s well-regarded interactive touchscreen and built-in programs such as FIT software practically eliminate the need for a personal trainer to take you through a workout.

However, with such luxury comes one of the highest price tags for any vibration machine on the market. We caution consumers that you can get a similar, or even better workout, on machines that are ranked just as high or higher on our comparison list and priced considerably less.

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