Power Plate pro7HC is state-of-the-art machine for healthcare field

Power Plate pro7HC Review

Power Plate pro7HC

Power Plate pro7HC

The Power Plate pro7HC (MSRP $15,000) is made for healthcare and rehabilitation type facilities in the medical field. It has earned a VibrationPlateReview.com score of 90 out of 100

We like the overall weight (416 pounds) and size (38 inches x 46 x 61, width x depth x height). The platform size of 38 x 37 will give you plenty of room to exercise, while the 25-50 Hertz frequency range provides plenty of power. It’s rated for use by people weighing up to 500 pounds.

The heart rate monitor with ANT+ capabilities is unique to the Pro7HC and is a great idea to have on a vibration machine.

The advanced electronics, such as the touchscreen and programs on the machine, really elevate the price. The Power Plate Pro6+ is just as powerful and sturdy and can do everything the Pro 7HC does for $3,000 less, but does not have as many programs or a heart rate monitor.

For the right facility, the Power Plate pro7HC is worth the cost. However, in many cases a slightly less expensive, similar model can do many of the same things.

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