PowerVibe Motion 1 Vibration Machine leaves us feeling cross

PowerVibe Motion 1 Vibration Machine Review

PowerVibe Motion 1 Vibration Machine

PowerVibe Motion 1 Vibration Machine

The Power Vibe Motion 1 (MSRP $1,995) is a lot like the manufacturer’s Pro 2 model, except instead of using a vertical vibration movement, it has a pivotal vibration system — a back and forth, teeter-totter motion.

We do favor seeing pivotal vibration, but unfortunately there are some other major drawbacks that led to a vibrationplatereview.com rating of just 71 out of 100 for the Power Vibe Motion 1.

Our biggest complaint is the front cross bar. It leaves the user feeling very constricted on the machine while trying to execute a number of exercises.

The unit weight of just 99 pounds is really lacking and it’s only rated to be used by someone weighing up to 265 pounds. However, even someone who weighs 165 will likely find this machine to be too small compared to other vibration machines.

There are a number of better engineered vibration machines, such as the Nitro Fit Deluxe, there are better options to spend your money at this price point.

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