PowerVibe® Pro 2™ Vibration Machine is outclassed in its price range

There’s a good amount of competition among vibration machines priced around $2,000, but the widely marketed Power Vibe® Pro 2™ (MSRP $1,995) just doesn’t match up to others in this class.

The PowerVibe® Pro 2™ Vibration Machine has earned a 64 out of 100 score from vibrationplatereview.com. It’s PowerVibe’s first model that uses an upright column and handles, the frequency level up to 50 Hertz is a good feature and the two years parts warranty is solid.

However, we have problems with the low overall weight of just 99 pounds, which is a big reason why the machine feels wobbly to exercise on. An upright column can be a good thing for balance, but in this case the middle cross bar made us feel cramped for space while using the machine.

It’s an average machine with an outdated look. You can do better if you have around $2,000 to spend on a vibration machine than the PowerVibe® Pro 2™.

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