PowerVibe ZenPro Vibration Plate doesn’t measure up

PowerVibe ZenPro Vibration Plate Review

The PowerVibe® ZenPro™ Vibration Machine (MSRP $2,795) has some very nice attributes. We always favor its vertical vibration movement over pivotal vibration and the 50 hertz capability motor is also a plus.

PowerVibe ZenPro Vibration Plate

PowerVibe ZenPro Vibration Plate

A five-year main-frame warranty is about as good as it gets.

We just wish there was more to work with, or more specifically, more to work out on.
The Power Vibe® Zen Pro™ Vibration Machine is a lot smaller than other units in its price range, measuring just 29 inches (width) x 30 (depth) x 55 (height). It only weighs 129 pounds.

The actual physical weight is extremely important when evaluating vibration machines because they need to be sturdy enough to support the user. At just 129 pounds, even average-sized individuals aren’t going to get a lot of stability on this machine.

The upper console programing was also pretty basic. When considering the pluses and minuses, the PowerVibe® ZenPro™ Vibration Machine received a 79 out of 100 score from vibrationplatereview.com.

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