VibraWav Pro XT doesn’t deliver on price tag

The VibraWav Pro XT (MSRP $2,799) is a good machine, but for the price point there are many other better vibration plates on the market.

VibraWav Pro XT

VibraWav Pro XT

Receiving a 68 out of 100 score from, the VibraWav Pro XT has about the same power as the lower-priced Nitrofit Personal and comes up short in other features.

It does have a solid overall weight (148 pounds), but another complaint is the misleading advertisement that the VibraWav Pro XT achieves 50Hz capability. It’s a pivotal machine that does not actually vibrate.

Readers of know that we always favor vertical vibration machines as more effective than pivotal, as do the vast majority of leading trainers and athletes who have tried both.

There are lesser machines that one could invest in, but at close to $3,000 there are many other less expensive options we would recommend buying that will provide the same or better workout.

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