WAVE ProElite Vibration Plate among best of the best

WAVE ProElite Vibration Plate

WAVE ProElite

WAVE ProElite

When one combines quality and price, the WAVE ProElite Vibration Plate (MSRP $11,900) stands out as one of the very best choices for commercial gyms.

The WAVE ProElite, which has garnered a VibrationPlateReview.com score of 91 out of 100, is one of the best vibration machines on the market.

The overall machine weight (250 pounds) and size (42 inches x 43 x 66, width x depth x height) are huge compared to other units. In fact, the platform size of 38 x 28 is one of the biggest on the market, while the 20-50 Hertz frequency range will challenge anyone from beginners to advanced athletes.

The Wave ProElite is arguably the most durable vibration machine on the market. It’s built for the most grueling commercial environments, but with such a high price tag there are a lot better values for a home gym.

A state-of-the-art interactive touch screen and virtual trainer with more than 45 preset exercise programs are great for guiding someone through a variety of exercise programs. Password protected software allows different users to save their preferences on the same machine and is ideal for commercial gyms.

One of the few knocks on the WAVE ProElite Vibration Machine is the hefty price tag. If you’re more about function over form and don’t need the added fancy electronics, you would be wise to check out some other highly rated machines that sell for considerably less.

Another word of caution is that it’s difficult to get in touch with the manufacturer if there are mechanical problems. Wave products are sold through online retailers — not the manufacturer — and a Wave website or technical support could not be located. That means if there’s a problem, you’ll have to settle it through a third-party seller. A reputable fitness company should have a customer support phone number readily available on a website in the event of questions or problems.

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