What is Vibration Plate Training?

Arguably the biggest benefit of a vibration training plate is that it
allows the human body to work extremely hard without the physical ‘wear
and tear’ that would typically be experienced with weightlifting.  The
stimulus for the “Force” which the body is put under is reversed with an
accelerated vibration training plate.  The basic physics for “Force” were
defined by Sir Isaac Newton’s equation: F = m * a (Force equals mass
multiplied by acceleration). Instead of the mass being “loaded up with
weights” in the case of a whole body vibration plate the acceleration is
powered up. This increase in acceleration can produce the same or even
better results than upping the weights.  An enjoyable and stimulating
experience, vibration training plates can allow strength training with
much lower risk to joints and ligaments in a fraction of the time of free
weights.  People can also enjoy the mental aspect of getting a great work
out and work toward reaching fitness goals with a much smaller risk of
injury and overall stress on the joints.

This is not to say that whole body vibration training machines are the
end-all, be-all to fitness, strength training and even cardio training. It
is important to understand that vibration training is not a replacement
but an additional training option. This is no different than saying
someone should consider cardio training if they are only doing strength
training or adding in some type of strength training if they are only
doing cardio.  Some people do use whole body accelerated vibration
training as their exclusive gym activity because of the vast number of
exercises you can do on it.  However, many other people also find it to be
a great way to cross train to complement other fitness activities.
Vibration training machines are unique in that they can produce some type
of benefit for just about anyone and at any fitness level.

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