Who and Why?

Who are we and why are we reviewing Vibration Plate Machines?

Did you know that review sites such as this are now required by law to
disclose if they receive any type of compensation for their reviews?  It
is funny but if you look hard enough on most review sites, somewhere
deeply embedded in the website their cover will be blown.  Nowadays, there
are far too many review sites that are “pushing” a specific product or
have a hidden agenda.  These websites are usually referred to as
“affiliate” websites where they receive compensation for selling certain
models and they do so by offering dishonest or ‘biased’ reviews of

We do not receive compensation or free product from any of these
companies.  So what is our ulterior motive?  Why would we spend all this
time to do such an in depth review of vibration plate machines?   It is
because we own and operate a large specialty fitness retail company and
what started out as an internal sales training sheet for our sales people
has turned into something much more.  Our original goal was to do a full
scale review for all of our sales associates to help them understand what
was available in the market and to better understand the specific models
that we have in our showrooms.  After we had completed the vibration plate
review chart, we quickly found that our in store clients were benefiting
from these reviews and we also realized we may be able to help other
people as well.

Due to our company size we can carry just about any model or brand of
vibration plates in the market today which means that we need to do a ton
of research before selecting a particular model or product line to carry.
The clients who shop our stores expect that we will carry only the top
brands and they trust us to make good decisions.  At the end of the day,
most of our clients have never heard of any of these name brands anyways
so they are relying heavily on our recommendations.  This ultimately
places more pressure on us to give them what they expect!  We have access
to information that the average consumer would not have and for this
reason, we are only going to place the best products onto our showroom

We want our sales people, our clients and anyone else who reads these
reviews to decide for themselves which model is best.  It will most likely
become clear which models ‘jump’ off the page as the better value and we
do also give our vibration plate reviews “Best Buy” award for people who
don’t feel like reading stuff.  Anyways, happy reading and we hope this
sheds some light on how to buy a whole body vibration plate.  Happy

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